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Precision Marble Pty Ltd
Stone, Granite and Sandstone Carving, Repair and replacement

Est. 1970

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Marble fireplaces
Marble hearths
Marble tabletops
Marble benchtops
Marble Credenzas
Marble coffee tables
Marble Dining tables
Marble Floors
Marble stairs
Marble steps
Marble bathrooms
Marble vanities
Marble figurines
Marble kitchens
Marble kitchen tops

Granite fireplaces
Granite hearths
Granite tabletops
Granite benchtops
Granite Credenzas
Granite coffee tables
Granite Dining tables
Granite Floors
Granite stairs
Granite steps
Granite bathroom Granite vanities
Granite figurines
Granite kitchens
Granite kitchen tops

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Kitchen benchtops

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Cathedrals, churches, shrines and temples

Cemetery work:
Ossuaries, tombstones, chapels, cemeteries, crypts, vaults & mausolea


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We offer a huge range of marble and granite, as well as natural and engineered stone such as Caeserstone.

Looking for a special piece of granite?

Need marble cut to size?

Precision Marble has decades of experience cutting and carving. Producing high quality finishes in all kinds of stone, our goal remains pure:

We aim to give you the best quality possible.

As our teacher Pompey used to say: "Assicurarsi ogni pezzo รจ realizzato come se fosse di essere il vostro" Translated:

Make each piece as if it were to be your own.

Today, Precision Marble is owned and operated by Franco Vallario, Pompey Vallario's son. Recognised as accomplished craftsmen from generations of artisan stonemasons, the Vallarios leave a legacy of artistic excellence in carvings all over the world. Pompey worked with Pasquale, a master stonemason who worked with D'Angola and Mauriello around Sant'Andrea Di Conza, Italy. Despite WWII raging fiercely to the West, Pompey continued to teach his sons stone carving the same way he and Pasquale had learned from their forefathers.

Although Italy was relatively unscathed by the Nazis, up to and following the war, Europe suffered from decades of depression. Pompeyo's sons both saw the writing 'in the stone' and imagined a better life, away from the Italian countryside. Through sheer luck, they made contract with the Australian government, which was seeking expoert help constructing and restoring some its heritage buildings and monuments.

By 1970, their reputation was building in their new country. The brothers were never short of work and Franco decided to incorporate the family's traditional work into Precision Marble Pty Ltd- a name honoring the reputation Pompey had amongst his contemporaies for precision work throughout Italy.

46 years on, Precision Marble enjoys an international reputation thanks to the teachings, traditions and methods handed down by generations of Vallarios.

Visit Franco at Precision Marble's Sydney Factory:

The best of vintage and modern craftsmanship

We have supplied stone to some of Australia's most historic buildings in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne, as well some of their most exotic homes.

We help customers with:

- Sourcing the right tpe of stone, marble or granite

- Selecting the right finish and edges

- Advice on durability, physical and environmental factors

- Longevity enhancements (when necessary)

- Advice on sizes, shapes and styles

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For all your domestic and commercial needs

Precision Marble are suppliers, manufacturers, stone-masons and artisan carvers with decades of experience and happy customers all over the Sydney region.

We provide the best in quality on-site service, stone, marble and granite.

- Indoor and outdoor
- Full and part fit-outs
- Engineered stone

- Custom work
- Consulting service for architects, designers and builders
- Renovations and rebuilds
- Small residential jobs, repairs, etc.
- Counters, retail shops
- Tables
- Island benchtops
- Benchtops
- Bull-nosed, chamfered and pencil-rounded edges
- Stairs
- Steps
- Staircases
- Walls
- Floors
- Pools
- Fountains

- Ethical business
- Australian owned
- Owner operated

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